How Are Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing Different?

Marketing changes at regular intervals, and it is often a struggle to keep up with the latest trends. Not only are the strategies complex, but knowing which tools are still relevant is challenging for many. However, it is even more important to understand the differences between digital and traditional marketing methods.

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing are often what we would nowadays see as old-fashioned and physical. These methods entail the use of media such as billboards, television, flyers, brochures, business cards, and even newspaper ads.

On the other hand, digital marketing takes place wholly online and nothing physical is ever distributed. Usually, promotions, sales, and ads take place through means such as email and social media. As the information is spread using the computer, it earned its name of digital marketing. However, digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of other fields such as content marketing, search engine optimization, and paid search.

How Success Is Measured

Before you can measure the actual success of your marketing efforts, it’s also important to get a clear idea of the costs involved. As a rule of thumb, traditional marketing will always have a higher expense as it uses physical means to distribute advertising. This may include postage costs, cost of ink and paper, storage costs or even billboards.

Most marketing strategies are purely digital nowadays because it has such few upfront costs. In fact, digital marketing tactics can yield desirable results with even a limited budget.  In fact, the projected growth of email accounts is 3 percent yearly until 2021! 

Social media is a great way to grow your brand, but email marketing still remains the heart of every solid digital marketing campaign. To beat your competitors, you just need enticing content and a long list of email addresses you can send your marketing efforts to.

It’s fairly easy to compare how successful your digital marketing efforts versus traditional marketing efforts are. You just have to see the number of conversions through each channel that actually resulted in sales. That kind of comparison can help you gain a much better understanding of which tactics make the most sense for your business. If you find, for example, that your physical flyers are yielding better results than your email marketing campaign, you will want to invest extra time and funds to grow your digital marketing efforts.

Does Knowing The Differences Really Matter?

As a business owner, it is your job to ensure that your company succeeds, and by understanding the different marketing methods available, you can make better choices for your business. When it comes to brand management, both traditional and digital marketing methods are equally important.

It is, however, crucial to place your focus on digital marketing. Not only is the online landscape ever-evolving, but your competitors are also probably many steps ahead of you in their own campaigns. To ensure the longevity of your company and its projected growth, have a clear idea of how to make use of social media and email marketing for your business.

Never rely on just one method of marketing for your business. In fact, traditional marketing methods are slowly phasing out, which is why digital marketing is more important than ever before.

The real takeaway here is this: never rely on a single platform or form of marketing to work for you. Consider which tactics yield the best results and implement those in your next campaign. It may feel like a balancing act when you have to find the middle ground, but when you do, it can boost your business exponentially.

What’s The Next Step?

By the end of this article, chances are you have a bit better understanding of the two most common marketing methods ( Both can help your business, and by staying up-to-date with the latest news, you can expand your knowledge.