How To Keep Your SEO Knowledge Updated

Most industries have readily available publications, help forums, courses, and dedicated websites that reveal the latest findings and standards. For those seeking specialized knowledge, there are scholarly works available as well from a number of sources. Search engine optimization or SEO is a bit different, requiring a unique set of skills and understanding.

In order for SEO tactics to remain viable, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with current trends and accepted methods of implementation. Unlike other fields of study that take years to develop new ideas, SEO moves quickly and evolves at regular intervals. This quick evolution is due in part to the fact that SEO is still a fairly fresh concept.

How can you ensure you remain updated when it comes to current SEO trends? The following resources can help start your research and allow you to build on your own personal knowledge.

Check Out YouTube

When it comes to finding unique content or learning about the latest fads, YouTube is an indispensable source. It allows you to learn about a myriad of topics in just a short afternoon. Thanks to the breadth of the visual content, there are many channels that specifically keep viewers up-to-date on SEO tactics. When searching for the content you haven’t seen before, consider using longer or more elaborate search terms.

Sign Up For Moz.Com offers a wealth of new information through its ever-evolving blog. They offer a great deal of knowledge pertaining to digital marketing, and the company makes it a point to update their database daily and weekly with breaking news. They also have an archive with many older posts that may still hold some relevance.

Search On Google

Though Google owns YouTube, we feel that the company deserves yet another special place on the list. As a search engine, Google can help you discover uncharted territories, new tactics, never-before-seen ideas, or anything that can up your game. Of course, as with all things posted online, make sure to judge the information rationally and really weigh it in your mind.

Network With Others

SEO is a field where it doubly pays off to network and connects with others that work in the field. Google is a great place to start searching for information, but sometimes, it really pays off to build a connection with another human being. Find other people that are just as passionate about SEO as you and share ideas with each other. You may even consider someone as a mentor to help you learn more about the industry on the whole. Apart from learning about new trends, building connections in this industry truly helps as it ensures that you will have access to more and better-paying clients.